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aniten translation stands for quality translations by a certified translator with mother tongue German. Your texts are translated in due time and tailored to your needs from English, Mandarin, French and Italian into German. To ensure the quality of the translation, Anita Iten mainly translates into her mother tongue and the translated texts are proofread by a second specialist.


  • English → German
  • French → German
  • Italian → German
  • Mandarin → German


Translations: from CHF 0.35 per word of the source text.
Proofreading: from CHF&nbps;90 per hour.


  • Administration
  • Gastronomy/Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Finance
Member of Dolmetscher- und Übersetzervereinigung Member of Schweizerischen Übersetzer-, Terminologen- und Dolmetscher-Verband

Your advantage

The famous Italian author and translator Umberto Eco once said that “the language of Europe is translation”. Translators facilitate the communication between different languages and cultures and help to win and keep clients from other cultures.

  • aniten translation

    Anita Iten is a language expert who knows the different languages and cultures. In her translations, she conveys the meaning to the target language, culture and according to the text genre. Her professionalism, flexibility and on time delivery of your order makes her your preferred choice. The translation tool SDL Trados ensures consistent translations, including for future translations. Selective further education makes her keep track of the technological development, the latest tools and upskills her areas of expertise.

  • Quality and privacy

    As in all fields, quality is important in translation. Texts are your business card; your image that potential clients will get to know first. Bad translations can be hard to read or even have mistranslations in it – which can be funny, but won’t be good publicity for your company.

    Machine translation tools such as Google Translate and DeepL are making fast progress, but for now their outputs still have to be checked by humans. Also, privacy is a huge issue with machine translation. Unless you are a big company able to build your own machine translation tool, human translators stay your first choice to ensure quality and privacy.

    Do you attach great importance to the quality of your product or service? Do the same for your texts.

  • What is a good translation?

    A deep understanding of the culture and singularities not only of the source but also of the target language is a basic feature of a translator.

    Every language has its quirks – and this not just with regards to grammar. Language is alive, constantly changing, shaped and defined by the people who speak it every day. Accepted or funny phrases in one language and culture can be incomprehensible or even insulting in another. It is the translator’s task to know these subtleties, to translate them into the target language and to adapt them to the target audience and the wishes of the client.

About me

Languages have been fascinating me since my au pair year in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Most probably, my wanderlust was also born at that time, as this stay was followed by many more before, during and after my studies. To perfect my language skills and immerse myself in the different cultures, I lived for longer periods of time in the Italian part of Switzerland, Paris and London.

Anita Iten - aniten translation

Independent since 2013

After my graduation as a translator from the School of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 2009 it did not take me long to start working as a freelance translator. To begin with, I was based between Verbier and Fribourg, where I was a part-time translator at the local government. I kept travelling to almost all continents, until I decided to go back to school to learn Mandarin. Between 2017 and 2018 I spent over half a year in China, learning the language (now HSK 5), getting to know the people and culture by travelling the country and translating. I now also translate Mandarin into German.

Digital Nomad

If my wanderlust does not take me to another corner of the world, hoping to get good internet connection for my translations, I spend my time in the mountains between Uri and Valais in Switzerland. Never too far away from my laptop, in order to pursue my second passion – translation – in between two discoveries, hikes, powder descents or other adventures.


aniten translation
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